Sports Radio Host gets bored with the same old routine, decides to open up the LeBron vs MJ debate to callers

February 22, 2024

After just running through the gauntlet of boring stale rehashed sports radio topics, a national sports radio host recently decided he would mix things up a bit. Try something new. Create some buzz. Venture into parts unknown.

“I just was hitting on all the wrong topics, we had pretty much covered everything,” the veteran of the airwaves said.

“After the Super Bowl I just talked with my wife, my producer, the network big-wigs, some of my well known callers and asked them, ‘Hey what can we do to make things fresh until the NFL season starts up again?”

“It just hit me, ‘Why not debate whether LeBron James or Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time from now until training camp starts?”

“At first I told my wife, ‘No, it’s too controversial, will the sponsors pull out? Will people get bored with this topic?’  She never really got back to me, so I just went with it.”

After opening up the phone lines, it seemed like everyone had an opinion, which Mr. Sports Radio thought was great.

“I loved the passion. In fact I never really thought about it – but someone pointed out that when Michael Jordan played basketball they were allowed to hand check and push and grab. I think that changes the whole debate. I had never thought of that before. So it was just a real treat to get to hear some of these great sports radio callers really show off their more reflective analytical side.”

And what of Mr. Sports Radio? Where does he fall in line on the MJ vs LeBron debate?

“Oh I don’t know. I just am not ready to answer that. I think we really just need to keep digging through the topic. I mean there so much that really needs to be looked at. I think we could devote another five or more shows to the idea that basketball in the 90s was so much more physical, that will make for some great radio.”



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