This All-Star Game Could Have Been Special

What we would have given for a grind it out, in your face All-Star game. It just couldn't be.
February 20, 2024

This should have been the game.

The game that separates the Eastern Conference from the Western Conference.

The elites from the so-so’s and the so-and-so-so’s.

We should have seen the grit, the extracurricular underneath the basket, instead we got Dame Lillard jacking up 45 shots, and refusing to let hometown hero Tyrese Haliburton have the ball.

Dame-time indeed!

We should have seen the strategy, Doc Rivers playing Eastern Conference rival’s top hoopsters excessive minutes, but he couldnt do it.

We should have seen the breathtaking alley-oops, instead we got Nikola Jokić playfully pretending to almost dunk but then at the last moment just not dunking and making people angry.

This was supposed to be the All-Star game that made the All-Star game feel good about itself again. All the All-Star game wanted to do was just have some meaning in it’s life. And it just couldn’t happen could it Dame?

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