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Chaos and the Cowboys

Jerry Jones actually had some good points Tuesday at Cowboys camp in Oxnard, California. Dressed in his on field persona, Jones was in his Cowboys gear, blue baseball camp, blue t-shirt and was addressing the throngs and hordes of media. The Cowboys, as traditionally has been the case, are a bastion of off-field chaos. As training… Keep Reading

Sports Media

Adrian Wojnarowski to ESPN, what it means

Very rarely in the days of current 2017 Sports Media-19 years after the launch of ESPN.com-does any web sportswriter have a claim to fame purely on the basis of his reporting. NFL reporter Adam Schefter of ESPN fame is highly regarded and quite recognizable purely on the basis of his reporting, but he is a… Keep Reading


Warriors-Thunder: Much ado about nothing

It’s the lull in the NBA season. March Madness grabbed the basketball spotlight and the playoff race seems even less interesting as the division between contenders and pretenders is clear. The Oklahoma City Thunder are not contenders. The Golden State Warriors are yet. It was a simple story on a Sunday afternoon when the NBA… Keep Reading


The quest to make every game matter

As the NBA All-Star game dutifully concluded a few weekends ago in New Orleans, an alarm went off among certain persons involved in the NBA.  This product was particularly bad. A 192-182 shoot around was not the same product of the 80’s and 90’s where the NBA All-Star game on Sunday night on NBC was just… Keep Reading


Tom Izzo is exactly right about social media

Social media is a cancer to our society. Tuesday night following Michigan State’s win over Ohio State in East Lansing, MI, Spartan head coach Tom Izzo took a moment in his introductory comments to say what many have been thinking, many have voiced, but it bears great weight on current sports and society. Social media… Keep Reading


A battle of eras

The war of words between 90’s superstars and the present day basketball elite rages on. Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob stated he was genuinely hurt that during a recent dinner where many NBA owners attended, Michael Jordan said the Golden State Warriors 73-win record breaking season didn’t mean anything. Last week an M.J. buddy,… Keep Reading


We wouldn’t trade Love for anything

If you ask LeBron James, the Cavs are happy with Kevin Love. Of course, the fact that repeated published reports that the Cavs would in fact trade Kevin Love keeps getting reaction from LeBron fuels the fire. Monday my good friend (he DM’ed me once on Twitter) Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, and… Keep Reading


The NFL’s social media problem

When Twitter was just getting going, back in the stone-ages of social media, about five to seven years ago, ESPN sent a mandate on Twitter to one of its most famous writers at the time, Ric Bucher of tremendous NBA writing pedigree. Bucher stated at the time that the worldwide leader is “prohibiting tweeting info… Keep Reading


A New York Debacle

The old adage that sports represents the best values of society… well that may be long gone. Hardwork, perseverance, teamwork, well that’s off the table in today’s professional sports. Today, more likely sports represents big TV contracts, local marketing deals, apparel merchandising and ticket sales. Carmelo Anthony has made a lot of money for the… Keep Reading

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