Latest Running Back contract feeds NFL news cycle; owners don’t seem ready to relent

July 27, 2023

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, always outspoken, has taken on a different role as a league owner in recent years. He is tending to say the things that other NFL’s probably won’t say but don’t

His latest dip into sorting out matters for the big football league comes regarding the recent discussion regarding fair payment and contracts for NFL running backs.

Always outspoken, in the past Irsay was much more likely to use social media to quip about rock ‘n roll history then actual football maters outside of the Indianapolis Colts.

Here’s what he had to say about the latest discussion on NFL running backs wanting better contracts, better guarantees, etc:


It’s kind of interesting to see Irsay take the stand on the topic. There’s risk in 2023 for any sports owner to take a controversial position on any topic. More than likely Irsay and others understood the media and fans in general were not empathetic to the small group of running backs who were recently vocal regarding contracts and salaries.

The NFL is so political these days. But there’s also a hype machine and news cycle that all pro sports manufacturer to a degree. Almost every summer, just before training camp, there is a national controversy in the National Football League. Look it up. It cycles through and gets everyone paying attention to the sport.

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