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There’s an instability in the sports world, as Vin Scully says goodbye

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Wednesday night, ESPN did a fine job honoring Vin Scully on its baseball broadcast of the Giants and Dodgers at Dodgers stadium.

Vin Scully even called the 4th inning for the national audience. As ESPN broadcasters Jon Sciambi and Rick Sutcliffe tried, and they did well, to explain the reason it was such a big to-do that a broadcaster was leaving.

Sutcliffe talked about Scully moving west with the Dodgers in 1958. Leaving everything behind in New York for a chance to make it with the Los Angeles team, even though he held the same job in Brooklyn.

Sciambi talked about men from a certain era, such as Harry Kalas, the late Phillies broadcaster.


Meanwhile the news of the day was absolute outrage and a sense of anxiety and tension. A sense of anxiety and unrest that perhaps has never gripped the United States or at least its sporting world in this manner. More athletes are speaking out, choosing to kneel during the national anthem.

And sports isn’t about sports anymore.

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman refused to answer questions at a press conference Wednesday as a way of protesting the recent police shootings of African-Americans.

The entire Indiana Fever Basketball team kneeled during the National Anthem Wednesday night as a sign of protest. Steve Kerr said “every American should be disgusted with what is going on around the country.”

And what Scully represented more than anything was stability. Stability in the Dodger blue. Stability in the post-war 50’s. Stability in the changing 60’s. Stability in the financially uncertain 70s. Stability in the 80s when sports and TV offered more opportunities. Stability in the 90’s when maybe baseball took a back seat to other sports and finally stability in the new millennium with this thing called Twitter and Facebook and all this other stuff.

Every day Vin doing his job.

He truly was the voice of this summer and many others.

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