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The Odds are in your favor: Where to play March Madness Contests Online

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I once read a story about a professional contest entrant. All this lady did was enter contests, and the odds were in her favor, that was her job to enter contents and eventually she won. It’s with that same mindset I’ve wasted countless hours of my life I can never get back.. Either way it’s the spirit of March Madness-doing something other than the work we’ve been assigned-and goofy around on the internet.

With those thoughts in mind here is a compilation of currently running March Madness Bracket Contests, worth entering-and remember the odds of actually picking a 100% correct bracket are 1 in  148 pentillion (that’s 1 in 148,000,000,000,000,000,000)

Yahoo https://tournament.fantasysports.yahoo.com/t1

ESPN http://games.espn.go.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2015/en/bracket?addata=2015_TCMen_BracketURL

CBS http://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/ncaa-tournament/brackets/games

Sporting News http://rtbrackets.sportingnews.com/ *Offers the ability to update your bracket as you the tournament progresses. *Society gone soft?

Sports Illustrated http://sportsillustrated.collegehoops.upickem.net/collegebasketball/registration/login.asp

Arizona enters NCAAs on 11 game win streak-why they could win it all or at the very least challenge Kentucky

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“We’re in the conversation.”

That’s how Arizona coach Sean Miller accessed his team’s chances at a obtaining a No. 1 seed after his team easily defeated Oregon 80-52 Saturday night in Vegas to win the Pac-12 Tournament.

Over at ESPN Joey Brackets still has Arizona as a two-seed.  Make of it what you will, but the Wildcats, upon defeating Oregon easily  80-52 Saturday night in Vegas, have won 11 straight games and appear to be hitting the proverbial “peak” college basketball coaches die for, stay up at night devising plans for and all of us amateur bracketeers give extra credence to.

Arizona has an RPI of 7 and a 30-3 record, with no losses to teams in the RPI Top 100. The losses include:

Arizona Losses 2015 Regular Season.

103 Dec. 23 @ UNLV 67-71
133 Jan. 11 @ Oregon St 56-58
101 Feb. 7 @ Arizona St 78-81

In appreciation of the Splash Brothers

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I’ve done some research for this article/post/blog/piece.

I have been shooting baskets in earnest for the last 2 weeks at my local gym.

Swish swish swish, I mean I’m getting really good. I just pretend i’m Steph or Klay and boom I can really make them. I even pretend I’m on the fast break and them boom before the defense knows it-spot on three.

Then I moved to the other end of the court. Rim seems a little different, a lot harder. Net is a little shorter. And in the background I can see all the gym members walking to their various destinations. My shooting percentage goes from 90ish to sometime like 20ish…

The point is

That any joe blow given enough time and training can become a basketball shooter and have some good sucess. Shooting hoops is fun and I encourage it-after a stressful day of work. But to shoot hoops in an empty gym compared to shooting against the best players in the world trying to face gaurd you is quite another thing, and that’s exactly what Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson do game after game-and its amazing. It doesn’t matter from what distance or who is in their face, swish and when the ball goes in its “Pure” as Gus Johnson would say. Very Pure.

January 23rd 2015-vs Sacramento-No better example of the pure skill of Klay Thompson. Thompson set an NBA record with 37 points in the third quarter and an additional NBA record nine three-pointers in the third quarter as well.

The Splash Brothers have combined to hit a total of 1,742 threes in their NBA careers.

And as was announced earlier this week. Klay and Stephen will compete in the All-Star three point contest Sat. Feb. 14th. And for perhaps the first time in NBA History more attention will be given to the three-point contest than the slam dunk contest. If you love shooting this will be a grand feast to devour.

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