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Novak Djokovic offered $200k to throw match, via ESPN

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Admid rumors and allegations of gambling in pro tennis, ESPN has a scoop from Novak Djokovic:


MELBOURNE — Back in 2007, someone tried to offer Novak Djokovic roughly $200,000 to lose a first-round match at a tournament in St. Petersburg, Russia, he said Monday at the Australian Open.Djokovic said he wasn’t approached directly. Instead, “I was approached through people that were working with me at that time,” he said, making clear that the offer was flat-out rejected. He didn’t even attend the tournament, but he said he still didn’t like the fact that someone even bothered to consider him for such a thing.

Source: Novak Djokovic says he was offered $200,000 to lose a match in 2007

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