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Goodbye Don Orsillo

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—You are seeing it more and more.

Major Networks, of which I consider NESN, are replacing their larger than life, personality-filled broadcasters, with company men. No offense to Dave O’Brien.

O’Brien: Knowledgeable baseball man, smooth, but he’s not going to say anything that will really excite you or surprise you.

Don Orsillo will surprise you. He entertained legions of Red Sox fans, and baseball fans for that matter, for the last 15 years as the voice of the Red Sox on television.

The Red Sox and NESN will not renew his contract after this season.

Essentially firing Orsillo.


Beginning next season, Orsillo is replaced by ESPN’s Dave O’Brien who has been doing radio for the club for the last nine years.

There are petitions online, Twitter is aghast,  RemDawg shared his thoughts, but none of that will matter, once the decision is made, the decision is made.

Perhaps not in this case, as O’Brien is not a bad replacement, but in general it seems that networks now prefer the humorless robots to call the games. Gone are the Harry Carays, the Jack Bucks, the Harry Kalas’ of the world.

Say hello to the faceless ones and baseball is losing its boyhood charm.


Remembering Chick Hearn

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By Travis Duncan

“From high above the western sideline of the Los Angeles Forum, the world’s most beautiful sports theater,” Chick Hearn called Laker basketball games for 43 years beginning in 1965.

Hearn passed away 13 years ago on Aug. 5. 2002.

Known as the inventor of such phrases as “slam dunk” and “air ball”, Hearn was the last of a generation of broadcasters who were part entertainers, part comedians, part wordsmiths.

Sports Illustrated has posted a 1983 profile of the Hall of Fame Broadcaster on its website, which you can view at SI.com.

Additionally check out the YouTube compilation “The Best of Chick Hearn”.


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