Daily Buzz: The Quiet Genius of Brad Stevens

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By Travis Duncan

Brandon Bass, Tyler Zeller, Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart and Evan Turner…

He knows how to get his guys to peak at the right time of year, Boston has now won five straight games and will face the Cavs in the first round of the playoffs, a team with guys named LeBron Kyrie and Love.

It’s easy as a blogger/writer/tweeter and general internet poster to heap praise on a guy, it’s harder to describe how it happened or how he does it.

We’re not exactly sure how he does it, but we do know he’s very heavy into analytics and seems to have the type of mind that knows how to mold a team together which allows his players to be their best and play into the team concept but yet contribute via their strengths.

Have you heard of Jonas Jerebko, yeah he came in and added seven boards in Tuesday night’s win over the Raptors.

Isaiah Thomas, on his third NBA Team, he added six assists and 11 points.

Here’s what Thomas had to say about Stevens, via NESN.com

 “He’s so even-keeled, you can’t get anything out of him,” Thomas said. “I’ve had a few talks with him, but no matter if he had five of his kids out here, he’s going to coach the same way. He’s just one way at all times. If you’re a defensive team, he believes you give yourself a chance, and if you play hard and play together, you give yourself an even better chance. He tries to teach us that each and every day.”

It is the reason guys like Gordon Hayward and Matt Howard swear by their old Butler coach.

Brad Stevens has the right stuff, and all those idle guesses that he would wind back up in the college game don’t listen to them, it could be the NBA game where he really makes his mark.

How quiet is Brad Stevens? I don’t think he’s quiet on the court, he will let his voice be heard on the sideline barking at his own. In media interviews he’s engaging but he truly does let his work do the talking. There are no media games, because he simply doesn’t need to. Results baby, that’s what he wants and gets.