Daily Buzz: The 10 Best Teams in Baseball, Rex Chapman back on the air, and the Players Tribune

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Compiled by Travis Duncan

Quote of the Day: “What you lack in talent can be made up with desire, hustle, and giving 110 percent all the time.”
Don Zimmer

—With opening night just a few days away, Sunday night to be exact, here are the Top 10 teams in baseball, give or a take a few based on the predictions from experts across media. It might very well surprise you, with the World Series champs San Francisco never to be seen and the Cubs still needing to prove themselves.

Tier 1  Nationals, Dodgers Mariners

Tier 2 Pirates Cardinals Marlins Angels

Tier 3  Red Sox  Indians Detroit  San Diego

Buster Olney

Fox Sports

Sports Illustrated:

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Speaking of ESPN Bill Simmons states ESPN doesn’t fully support Grantland, what with the TV show and the cross marketing and all..

Richard Sandomir of the New York Times reveals that Derek Jeter’s first person digital venture The Players Tribune isn’t so first person after all.

Like nearly every post on the site, the Ortiz essay was not written directly by its bylined athlete but instead crafted from a recorded interview with a Tribune staff producer. Hoenig said these interviews are less traditional question-and-answer sessions than monologues with questions to nudge the conversation along. Editing is minimal, he added, and the athletes get the final approval. The staff producers who talk to them do not get bylines.

Editors Note: The Players Tribune therefore is an all out success-people are doing two things it takes for a digital publication to succeed: people are reading it and talking about it.

Ralph Russo of the Associated Press writes about an NCAA pilot program which should have been in place many years ago in my opinion.

Getting to the Final Four won’t be as costly for the parents of many players this week, thanks to an NCAA pilot program that is helping pay for families of athletes to travel and see their sons and daughters play in the biggest college basketball games of the season.

The family travel program was approved in January. It allowed the College Football Playoff to pay for the parents or guardians of Ohio State and Oregon players to travel to Arlington, Texas for the national championship game and for the NCAA to pay for family members of the players participating in the men’s Final Four in Indianapolis and women’s in Tampa, Florida this weekend.

Former NBAer and Kentucky broadcaster Rex Chapman who was was arrested last year for theft from an Apple store in Arizona will not be charged. Chapman has since been treated at a substance abuse facility.  In somewhat surprising news, Chapman will in fact be back on Kentucky broadcasts and will be a part of Turners Kentucky Final Four coverage.

After perceived discord with teammate Kevin Love, LeBron James says he has only three very good friends in the NBA, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade.

Kevin Durant says he would love to stick with one team his entire career.

Pacers guard George Hill said his team is giving the season away. 

The Cubs have planned an opening night Ernie Banks Tribute

Lloyd McClendon got his money’s worth yesterday-see video below: