The Odds are in your favor: Where to play March Madness Contests Online

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I once read a story about a professional contest entrant. All this lady did was enter contests, and the odds were in her favor, that was her job to enter contents and eventually she won. It’s with that same mindset I’ve wasted countless hours of my life I can never get back.. Either way it’s the spirit of March Madness-doing something other than the work we’ve been assigned-and goofy around on the internet.

With those thoughts in mind here is a compilation of currently running March Madness Bracket Contests, worth entering-and remember the odds of actually picking a 100% correct bracket are 1 in  148 pentillion (that’s 1 in 148,000,000,000,000,000,000)




Sporting News *Offers the ability to update your bracket as you the tournament progresses. *Society gone soft?

Sports Illustrated