Chaos and the Cowboys

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Jerry Jones actually had some good points Tuesday at Cowboys camp in Oxnard, California.

Dressed in his on field persona, Jones was in his Cowboys gear, blue baseball camp, blue t-shirt and was addressing the throngs and hordes of media.

The Cowboys, as traditionally has been the case, are a bastion of off-field chaos. As training camp kicked off over the weekend, the list of infractions are piling up.

Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News gives a full recount of the recent chaos in Jerry World, dating back two months prior:

“Cornerback Nolan Carroll was arrested for driving under the influence. Defensive end David Irving was suspended four games for violating the league’s drug program.

Linebacker Damien Wilson was arrested on two charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he backed his truck into a woman and flashed a rifle at a man outside Toyota Stadium in Frisco.

Running back Ezekiel Elliott was involved in an altercation a week ago at a club in Dallas where a DJ was punched in the nose. No charges have been filed. But the league was already investigating the league’s reigning rushing champion, with a suspension likely on the horizon.

And receiver Lucky Whitehead said he had his dog taken from his home and held for ransom. Blitz has been reunited with Whitehead and was unharmed.

Then the most bizarre incident tipped Cowboys chaos to the boiling point when Lucky Whitehead was kicked off the team after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The only problem is the warrant was false. Someone who was arrested for shoplifting in Virginia, had Whitehead’s social security number full name and provided it to police while Whitehead was on a plane to California.

The police admitted the error and cleared Whitehead but the Cowboys stuck with their decision to release him.

The media kinda wanted to know ‘why the double standard’?

When pressed Tuesday head coach Jason Garrett repeated several times, “We made a decision in the best interest of the Dallas Cowboys.” He repeated that about five times, each time increasing in anger.

Whitehead was already on the bubble for other “issues” and that was the icing and his “ability” was cited as well. In short, he wasn’t a lock to make the team anyhow.

But it was Jones’ reaction Tuesday that made headlines. Jones got pretty worked up

“I am going to say this is business as usual and I really won’t go into my parameters about why a player is here or not,” Jones said per the Dallas Morning News:

“I’m not going to go into anything about Lucky, but I am going to say if you’re going to get wadded up over people coming and going around here, then get ready to stay in angst.”

“I’ve never talked to a player that I didn’t have empathy. If you all (media) have done one thing in my time to criticize me, it is how I will back up a player to a fault. You’ve done it. You’ve done it for years. I will back them up to a fault.”

“So when we do make a decision around here that’s in the best interest of the team to move on, there’s one thing you can forget about and that is whether you’re being fair or whether you’ve given it consideration of what it means to the individual,” Jones said. “That doesn’t happen around here.

The news comes just a few days after Cowboys running back Ezekial Elliot was cleared of assault for a bar incident.

It seems the Cowboys made an exception for the best player on the team versus a guy not making it.

As Dink Kearny of the Dallas Morning News wrote four months ago it’s time for a general manager in Dallas.

It is assumed his son Stephen Jones makes most of the day-to-day football decisions. Still, the broader issue may be whether Jones really has control over what is happening on his team or will he finally relinquish control.

Jones is the only holdout from a bygone era, he is both owner and general manager of the Cowboys the only such setup that exists in the NFL and really all of pro sports.

Through the chaos the reality is people are talking about the Cowboys and that’s the goal for Jones.