Tom Izzo is exactly right about social media

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Social media is a cancer to our society.

Tuesday night following Michigan State’s win over Ohio State in East Lansing, MI, Spartan head coach Tom Izzo took a moment in his introductory comments to say what many have been thinking, many have voiced, but it bears great weight on current sports and society.

Social media is making sports all the more popular but it’s also causing major problems.

No one probably believes the ill effects more than Tom Izzo. Who has in the past voiced his displeasure with the platform as a masquerade of real communication and a safe haven for so-called fans to take cheap shots and or harass his players.

Tuesday night Izzo made a deafening statement at least in college basketball circles. He let it be publically known that one Dan Dakich of ESPN had gone too far. Dakich who is an ESPN college basketball commentator also hosts a radio show in Indianapolis and is quite active on Twitter.  His style on both platforms is confrontational at best, insane at worst.

As Izzo pointed out, it’s not that people dislike Dan Dakich, but the former player and coach tends to take it too far.

Dakich called Michigan State whiners, and the like, via social media last week. Dakich has since deleted the Tweets.

Michigan State’s student section dubbed “The Izzone” responded by chanting “we hate Dakich” during Tuesday’s game against Ohio State. Izzo responded after the game.

Per the Detroit Free Press and here are Izzo’s comments:

“I’ve got to be honest with you,” Izzo said. “I was kind of getting upset with the chants of Dakich until  I got in the locker room, and I asked what was that all about? Somebody read me his tweets. Social media. And if I would have known that before the game, I would have embarrassed myself almost as much as he embarrassed himself and I would have led the chants because calling us whiners and all that is kind of unprofessional.”

“Because calling us whiners and that is kind of unprofessional. Classy broadcasters, like George Blaha and everybody else, wouldn’t have even thought to do something like that on TV. But saying our students couldn’t get in there? And he’s doing games for Michigan when his son is there? That is a disappointment, and that is ridiculous.

“And I think it’s funny because I got no respect for him for that. And I am going to publicly say it – you can tweet it, you can read it, you can do whatever you want with it – but Twitter got him in trouble, and he earned it. I am surprised ESPN would let somebody say something like that, that works for them.”