We wouldn’t trade Love for anything

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If you ask LeBron James, the Cavs are happy with Kevin Love.

Of course, the fact that repeated published reports that the Cavs would in fact trade Kevin Love keeps getting reaction from LeBron fuels the fire.

Monday my good friend (he DM’ed me once on Twitter) Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, and of ESPN and of Sirius XM NBA Radio fame, reported that LeBron James is pushing for Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love.

The golden sentence went as follows, “According to a league source, LeBron is the one pushing the Cleveland Cavaliers front office to acquire Carmelo even if it potentially means having to include Kevin Love in a deal, which is something Cavs management is opposed to doing.”

No doubt Phil Jackson has identified Anthony as the cancer to the Knicks core, and when Anthony was unresponsive when the Knicks President pushed him, that was that, he must be traded. Carmelo’s response was seeking guidance on how to deal with Phil Jackson. Whereas Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were motivated and achieved greater heights. Anthony and the Knicks have stayed mediocre.

Back to Isola. As it has been duly noted, the New York writer has been floating Kevin Love to the Knicks for some time, and quite likely, Isola himself loves him some Kevin Love.

Cavs coach Tyronn Lue basically said there’s no chance they are giving up Kevin Love, LeBron James called the story “trash” and said the reporter who published it, minutes before tip-off against the Wizards Monday night was also “trash”, referring to our friend Frank Isola.




Isola for his part responded Tuesday morning with an appearance on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike.

He said in part, “It’s interesting too because some people who spoke to him afterward said he was mostly upset that the timing of the story and that it somehow done purposely to come out before the game against the Wizards had started, which is absurd.”