A New York Debacle

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The old adage that sports represents the best values of society… well that may be long gone.

Hardwork, perseverance, teamwork, well that’s off the table in today’s professional sports.

Today, more likely sports represents big TV contracts, local marketing deals, apparel merchandising and ticket sales.

Carmelo Anthony has made a lot of money for the franchises he has played basketball for.

Syracuse University for that matter, made a killing off of ‘Melo.

He’s a money making machine, with what appears to be little effort.

He’s an internet star as well, with monthly searches for his name totally about 550,000 according to serps.com

Each year, he’s the center of the storm. He casually plays the martyr and rakes in the cash. He does it perfectly.

Of course, the 2016-17 New York Knicks season was doomed from the start. Please cite an example where two injury prone semi-star players (Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah) joined an ageing, also somewhat injury prone unsuccessful star (Anthony) and mashed it all together with a slew of unknown younger players and NBA magic happens?

It doesn’t happen. Especially with an unproven head coach (Jeff Hornacek).

That is the 2016-17 New York Knicks.constants chaos, no structure.

Constants chaos, no structure.

Phil Jackson as architect, and detached remote ringmaster, is not working.

The New York Knick soap opera continues as the biggest story in the N.B.A.  Something to keep January pro hoops interesting.

Word this week is that the Knicks would do anything to trade Carmelo Anthony, but can’t get a deal done. Knicks coach Jeff Hornaceck said that the decision is “his”, meaning Anthony.

Basketball diehards and a few media professionals alike dream of scenarios where Anthony’s talent is put to use, such as in Los Angeles with CP3 and the Clippers. Or headed to Boston for a shot in the east versus LeBron.

More than likely Carmelo isn’t going anywhere simply because no one is dying to have Carmelo on the team. He can score, but playoff series wins are not the legacy of Anthony.

So it appears the Knick drama will continue, as it should be, as it has been.

A real good way to get back to the Knicks of old is the homegrown way. Through the draft, and the Knicks at 21-28 on the year are headed straight for the lottery.