Hottest Ticket in Sports: NLCS Cubs Tickets at Wrigley

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—For a potential Game 6 or 7 at Wrigley Field this Saturday or Sunday in Chicago, it will cost between $300-$400 just to get in the door, and that’s without a seat.
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The lowest priced ticket for Saturday’s potential Game 6 (Los Angeles leads 2-1 at the time of this article was published) is $315 for a standing room only ticket according to StubHub. The lowest priced seat for Saturday’s potential Wrigley field matchup is $400.

For a potential winner-take-all Game 7 at Wrigley this Sunday, the lowest priced ticket on StubHub comes in at $394. The lowest price seating for the game comes in at $425.

By comparison, in Los Angeles at Dodger the lowest priced ticket on StubHub for Wednesday’s Game 3 comes in at $103 for standing room only and $105 for a seat.