The most profitable school in sports? Texas A&M

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Texas A&M’s athletic department brought in more money than any other school in the NCAA for the year 2015, due in large part to big Texas cash in the form of donations.

According to data compiled by USA TODAY published by Business Insider, Texas A&M raked in $192.6 million for its athletics program in 2015. The Aggies received $92 million in donations. The Aggie football program brought in $57 million and licensing rights brought in $47 million.  Ticket sales brought in $45 million for all sports.


$192 is a big number but that’s tempered against expenses of $109 million, with a net profit of $83 million, a number which many companies would love to rival.

Rounding out the Top 10 most revenue-rich athletic programs in the United Sates are Texas at No. 2 bringing in $183 million, No. 3 Ohio State at $167 million. No. 4 Michigan at $152 million No. 5 Alabama at $148 million No. 6 Florida at $147 million No. 7 LSU at $138 million No. 8 Oklahoma at $134 No. 9 Tennessee at $126 million No. 10 Penn State at $125 million.