Tony LaRussa wonders why Colin Kaepernick didn’t protest when he was “on top”

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Tony LaRussa, the former MLB manager, and current C.E.O of the Arizona Diamondbacks told Sports Illustrated’s Maggie Gay on Wednesday he sincerely doubts the sincerity of one Colin Kaepernick.

LaRussa couldn’t wait to give his opinion. As seen in this video:


“I really question the sincerity of someone like Kaepernick, I remember when he was on top I never heard him talk about anyone but himself,” LaRussa said.

“Now all of the sudden he’s struggling for attention and he makes this big pitch, I don’t buy it.”

“I think you have the right as an organization, about having a philosophy, about respecting, whether its our constitution, our country, our soldiers, however you feel, our flag,  I would not, to the best of my ability, sanction someone taking a knee, I think that’s disrespectful.”

“Even if he was sincere there are other ways to show your concern.”