The ink is dry on the contract and Tim Tebow is proving us wrong again

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Tim Tebow has signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets. The Mets made the announcement on Thursday to a somewhat shocked audience of pundits, fans, and in general those who love to think, write and talk about one Tim Tebow.

The man will not go away.

He’s a fascinating man. And not for the reasons we find typical in today’s sporting atmosphere. No drug abuse, arrests, tantrums, or more just an unbelievable, perhaps somewhat insane belief that if you try hard enough and give it everything you have, well good things will happen.


Tebow said Thursday, “We don’t have to listen to what everybody else wants us to do with our lives We get to do what we want.”

“I just get to go pursue my passion, do what I love,” Tebow said. “I get to pursue this awesome game of baseball. I’ll give everything I have to it.”

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said on Thursday that he was not driven to sign Tebow by the “novel situation” or as some would say, publicity but simply because they think he might be able to play baseball.

Via Bloomberg, Alderson said, “This was not something that was driven by marketing considerations or anything of the sort. We are extremely intrigued with the potential that Tim has. He has demonstrated over his athletic career that he is a tremendous athlete, has great character, a competitive spirit. And aside from the age, this is a classic player development opportunity for us.”



It was rumored the Atlanta Braves had interest. That would make sense given Tebow’s affiliation with the south, and much of the territory the Braves hold media rights to, and the geographic location of their minor league clubs. Tebow the Florida Gator and Heisman winner is well known in Tennessee, Georgia, Virgina and other cities which he could have played minor league ball in. Alas, he went big city on us.

The logical conclusion is that Tebow had many offers, but chose New York. Knowing Tebow’s mindset as we do, he really believes he can make it to the big league club and he just wants a shot. When he gets his shot, why not make it New York city, where he and his message can shine brightest.

Next week, Tebow, 27 will be in Port Saint Lucie where he will play in the Mets instructional league.

If he does well or the Mets will move him to fall baseball and then we’re talking spring training with the Mets in 2017.