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The Yankees offer a helping hand

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—These are not the Yankees that I remember. The Yankees of 2016 are now known as a selfless organization willing to give second chances (A-Rod), build from within (goodbye Beltran) and help those in need. Old Hal Steinbrenner ain’t so bad.

ESPN by way of the Daily News reports the Yankees have offered to pay whatever it costs to help Dwight Gooden get drug counseling.

In recent days Gooden has denied a serious drug problem despite the public concern by former teammate Darryl Strawberry who called Gooden a “complete junkie-addict” after Gooden failed to make a public appearance along with Strawberry last week.

Gooden told the Daily News this week, yes he’s an addict, but he does not have a drug problem as he stood outside his New Jersey apartment and spoke with a reporter from the New York Daily News.

Meanwhile, Gooden’s former drug counselor told the paper, “They said they’re willing to pay for Dwight’s treatment, which is a huge gesture on their behalf.”

“They’ve always tried to do right by Dwight, going back to George Steinbrenner when he gave him a chance to play again.”

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