NBA Free Agency and the Pursuit of Happiness

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There has been a lot of talk about this word “legacy” recently.

Reggie Miller, the former Indiana Pacers guard and current TNT NBA analyst, takes great pride in having played for a single franchise, 18 seasons in total.

Miller this week wrote for the Bleacher Report regarding Kevin Durant’s motivation and decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder (Small Market) for the Golden State Warriors (middle-market, crossing over to a broader geographic market).

Miller wrote, “At the end of the day, what’s more important, rings or legacy? The media only cares about rings, and rightfully so. We are judged on jewelry, so that’s why I can’t argue with it. From a personal standpoint, I’m upset that a small market will never recover from it.”

Miller continues, “That’s what Durant gave up by leaving the Thunder. And that matters. Had he stayed in Oklahoma City, people would have said, “He spurned all the other offers and continued to fight the giant.”

Now Durant is a part of the giant.

Miller may be right Kevin Durant did give up a proverbial first-born status in Oklahoma City for the proverbial bowl of soup in Cali.

Simply, he was bored in OKC and felt like Golden State with the allures of the Bay Area, the winning, the hype, a change of scenery would be good, rather than staying in the same place.

Lots of people get burt out on their jobs, lots, and they move to a competitor in the same industry to get a breathe of fresh life and energy into their life.

That’s probably what Durant did.  We’ll see if it brings Durant peace or regret.

Reggie Miller: Kevin Durant Traded a Sacred Legacy for Cheap Jewelry

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