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Is LeBron James getting a free pass?

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Thursday night LeBron James played OK. His team still lost.

Fast forward to Game 2 Sunday night. LeBron just plain stunk. He wasn’t a superstar, he was marginal and his team quit. He dished out nine assists, but unfortunately this is not a game of assists, this is a game of scoring and we expected or wanted LeBron to go toe-to-toe with the Warriors, and he scored just 19 points on 7-of-17 from the field.

LeBron gets a reputation of not taking over in big moments, and this is why.

Post game LeBron looked as though he really didn’t care that much.

When reporters wondered why LeBron hadn’t taken charge as a true leader might, he started to talk about turnovers. A reporter asked him if he needed to be more selfish.

“Selfish is probably the wrong term,” said James.

“I got myself in a lot of trouble tonight personally. Turned the ball over way too much. And I said after Game 1 we just can’t turn the ball over against a great team and expect to win, and I had basically half of the turnovers. We had some in the fourth quarter, but we had our third group in. They had some. But I had half of the turnovers when I came out, and it resulted in them getting some easy baskets.”

This isn’t about turnovers. This is about taking charge, jacking up 40 shots if you need to. At least showing the world that you care. At least showing the people of Cleveland you’re going to try.

It’s not too late. Game 3 is Wednesday night in Cleveland. Expect the King to show up.