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Billy Donovan knows nothing of your controversy, and that’s a good thing

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The world may never know what Billy Donovan knew or didn’t know immediately following Monday night’s win over the Spurs in San Antonio.

By all accounts the head coach of the Oklahoma City Thunder should be happy, instead of the uphill climb of 0-2 we have a series.

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None the less, when Donovan was posed with the question as to his thoughts on the final inbounds play and the ensuing controversy.

“I don’t know which play you’re referring to,” said Donovan.

He may not have. The play was purely a made-for-TV controversy when TNT TV analyst Chris Webber went bonkers over a non-call on Dion Waiters who clearly, cleared space with an elbow to the chest of Manu Ginobili.

The NBA has since admitted that there was an offensive fould which was not called. A foul cal which would have given the Spurs the ball out of bounds, which would have given them time to set up a play to win the game only down by a single point.

Twitter was enraged. TNT TV personalities were mystified. Magic Johnson called it the worst non-call in NBA playoffs history.

In the end it was Donovan who sincerely probably didn’t see the play.