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The most succinct and accurate statement on why AAU is damaging sports comes from none other than Steve Kerr

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Jamie Shaw, a partner with Phenom Hoops, a national recruiting service, posted something that got a lot of run and virtual nodding on social media Monday night.

It’s not a new thing, that is that people don’t like the way AAU basketball is headed, or where it’s at now. The simpler way, where a youngster joined the school team and then was thusly recruited solely through the high school coach is over.

But a little balance might help.

Here’s what Steve Kerr said about AAU basketball, from personal experience as posted by Shaw on Twitter Monday evening.


The original snippet comes from an article that Kerr penned for the now defunct website under the title “The Case for the 20-Year-Old Age Limit in the NBA” 

Kerr continues to make a strong argument for potential NBA’ers from spending more than just a year in college. The Grantland article was published on the heals of Kentucky’s 2012 National Title filled with one-and-dones out the wazoo.