When Goose Gossage strikes and Bryce Harper is right

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Goose Gossage, late of New York Yankees 1970’s and 80’s pitching fame fame is getting a lot of people’s attention lately regarding the national pastime.

Gossage a member of baseball’s Hall of Fame was never considered an authority on the game, and at the very least not an authority on the unwritten rules of baseball etiquette. Still, his comments regarding the state of today’s game on ESPN’s Mike and Mike radio show have made waves.

Gossage, a la Oscar Robertson on Steph Curry, said he doesn’t like the way the current players play the game.

He said guys like, Jose Bautista, who are loved, I mean loved by the baseball fans in Toronto and across the baseball, are ruining the game.

In part Gossage said via ESPN, “Bautista is a [expletive deleted] disgrace to the game.”

He continued:

“He’s embarrassing to all the Latin players, whoever played before him. Throwing his bat and acting like a fool, like all those guys in Toronto.  Yonenis Cespedes same thing.”

He also said nerds are the problem.

I agree stats don’t accurately reflect a basis for winning, a basis for fielding a ball club for the rigors of the season for playing with heart and passion and everything guys like Jose Bautista and Bryce Harper do and that’s why we love them.

Robbie Cano we don’t love. He plays with the non sensical eye wash, or even lack of eye wash that we so richly do not deserve. He’s so smooth some will suggest. Effective and smooth but we don’t see the sweat and the dirt and we want to see the sweat and the dirt.

Bryce Harper plays with the sweat and the dirt and a beard and gets into dugout fights and all kinds of crazy manly stuff and hey it works.

So Goose everything will be ok. Just don’t let the nerds win.

The good news is baseball is really exciting right now. You’ve got guys like Mike Trout, Harper, Cespedes, Madison Bumgarner who play the game and play the game the “right” way.

It’s all good. Nothing to worry about.

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