Sally Jenkins of the WaPO on Cam Newton’s giant ego

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Veteran columnist Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post seems to be enjoying her time in San Fran this week, taking shots at both Roger Goodell and Cam Newton.

With Newton she goes a little lighter.

It would be a little easier to admire Cam Newton if he wasn’t so relentlessly admiring of his admirable self. The Carolina Panthers quarterback has been introduced fully to the global audience on the Super Bowl stage this week, and this is the impression he has left: He is brilliant and beautiful, and anyone who doesn’t like his bold dancing is a joyless prude, and he may even be the new super-species he claims to be. He also appears to own a new size of ego.

He strolls around with a languid yet self-studied air, uttering pronouncements such as, “Every time I put on an attire, every single morning of my life, it’s a must-win attire.”

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