Sally Jenkins on Roger Goodell: He’s a blockhead

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Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post is bringing the heat this week at Super Bowl 50, helping both Roger Goodell and Cam Newton come to the light.

First, Roger Goodell.

Jenkins writes under the following title.

Roger Goodell defends the indefensible, spinning nonsense”

It’s not funny, actually. It’s not funny at all. It would only be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous. Goodell didn’t say something ill considered because he’s a blockhead. The remark was part of a league strategy comparable to the tobacco industry covering up the harmful effects of teenage smoking. Asked if the NFL is comfortable endorsing tackle football for kids, Goodell said, “I’d want my son to play football,” and conflated the dangers of brain trauma with the health benefits of exercise — as if discouraging kids from playing tackle football is tantamount to encouraging them to stay indoors and get diabetes. It was nonsense. Disingenuous, willfully deceptive nonsense, and he knows it.