Broadway Joe Likes Cam’s Swagger-Super Bowl 50

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—Josh Peter of USA TODAY has been killing it with his Super Bowl 50 coverage.

Sunday he has Joe Namath late of the New York Jets, late of Super Bowl III, before which he promised a heckler in Miami, Florida that the Jets would win. “I guarantee it”, he said.  That he did and he was the MVP of Super Bowl III.

Fast forward 47 Super Bowls later, and Peter draws the comparison between Namath and one Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers.

Namath says, “Cam, myself, guys like Neon Deion (Sanders), we were all part of a group.”

“The game has transitioned, the players have transitioned, the attitudes have transitioned, going back to Vince Lombardi’s quote, ‘If you score a touchdown, act like you’ve been there before.’ That’s changed. …”

“Cam is purely joyful to watch. He’s certainly entitled to showing his pleasure. The bottom line to this is, if you’re not winning, you can’t do it. … If you want shut Cam down of his exuberance and the spirit and the emotion and all that, you’ve got to beat him on the football field.’’

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