How Twitter can become Twitter again and overtake the doubters and the stock market

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For one, I love Twitter.

Been there since close to the beginning, well I came three years after the deal began.

It was then in 2006, as an NYU student working at Odeo, Jack Dorsey sent out the first Tweet ever:….

On Monday, Twitter let go four executives amid a constant uncertainty that surrounds the future and direction of the platform.  And not to be overlooked as the main culprit is the Twitter stock price has gone from $69 at its peak to around $17 this week.

And it’s not just about a stock price. It’s about usability. One quote that sticks out in my mind, or roughly, is that the Twitter guys wouldn’t feel Twitter was successful until it became a social utility of sorts akin to our use of water, or electricity. A part of everyday life so embedded you wouldn’t even think about it.

I do think about Twitter quite a bit and use it quite a bit, but not as a social tool for connecting with friends, more so as a tool to connect with like-minded sports fans, bloggers and even a few professional media members.

But that gets me to my point, Twitter has jumped the shark as far as the masses and the true Twitter experience. The everyday Twitter user is so far disconnected from the platform it’s no longer a social media platform but simply a media platform.

Verified accounts, and those of media conglomerates, and celebrities with the little blue verified check are the ones who truly have the user experience the rest of us can have on Facebook. And I get that Twitter is not, and should not, be Facebook.

But to the point: Quit serving up the celebrities and the big media accounts. Simple as that. With that said here are 5 simple solutions to make Twitter Twitter again, (with a slant towards sports, as you are reading a sports website) in the ever-changing social media and internet frontier.

  1. Premium accounts. How many times have you been tempted to try that LinkedIn 30-day trial just to see who has been snooping at your profile. That premium membership is a quick, easy, gauge to check your professional temperature.  Twitter can and should implement a premium feature that allows you to see who’s been peeking under the hood, and broader the analytics they already provide for free.
  2. Make promoted Tweets more accessible for bloggers and small-time website and small business owners. If you haven’t caught on the theme of this blog is to look out for the little guy who actually makes up the greater number of Twitter users. The problem with promoted Tweets is they are too much like Adwords from Google and other advertising solutions. It’s way to complicated to pull the trigger. Who in the world wants to go through all the mess of setting up of a budget etc,.. Let us just get promoted and get our website or name out there for a reasonable price. Make promotion easy, click and pay done.
  3. Allow us to tweet longer if needed for such things as personal essays and extended tweets. No longer will sports bloggers and others need to screen shot a paragraph they really want to share with others.
  4. Give us a little more space and flexibility in the profile pic. I understand the profile pick was intended as a mugshot, but give us a little more flexibility the square is too tiny and this will actually benefit a greater number of small time operations to be able to insert their logo.
  5. Make inserting video better. Why do we need to use services such as Vine or Streamable just to show Steph Curry’s latest three or Blake Griffin’s biggest jam. Let us insert video so easily we don’t know it’s there.