The DH is not coming to the National League

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MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred is front and center on a lot of issues. The newly minted boss of pro baseball seems to be viewing media appearances and conversations as a pivotal art of the job, rather than the secondary, but necessary, part as his predecessor Bud Selig did.

As such, we’re finding out more than ever regarding the issues that haunt and nag the baseball fan base and more so the baseball media.

The recent push to make the National league and American league uniform on the designated hitter, seems to lack real steam from those within baseball. The DH  difference seems to be an interesting wrinkle that many enjoy. And those who seem to be obsessing over it are not those who play the game,  but only the most diehard of sabermetric eating baseball zealots on the blogosphere.

So good news for traditionalists like you and me.  Monday Rob Manfred said we’ll still see the junior circuit be the home for the aged and powerful of hitters, as the designated hitter will continue on the league for the foreseeable future and even better in the senior circuit, the DH will not be adopted.

Still proponents still believe it will ultimately mean more jobs for hitters, and ultimately lead to fan enjoyment as offense will increase.

Both assumptions may be wrong.

There’s been speculation that the Designated Hitter rule may be headed to the National League. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, however, says that’s not likely to happen, at least right away.

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