Despite reports to the contrary, LeBron James says Blatt firing was surprising 

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No doubt the Cleveland Cavaliers had some inkling that LeBron was not happy Blatt before they fired the head coach on Friday, and rather than expressing outrage, LeBron simply said he was surprised not upset that his head coach was fired.

LeBron James says he was as ”surprised and caught off-guard like everybody” by the firing of Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt, who took his team to the NBA Finals last season. James says he agrees with general manager David Griffin’s assessment that the Cavs aren’t as connected as they need to be to chase a championship. James says it’s not his concern that there’s a perception he was behind the decision to fire Blatt, who was 83-40 in two seasons and has the Cavs atop the Eastern Conference.

Source: LeBron says he was surprised by Cavs coaching change – Yahoo Sports