Breaking News: Yoenis Cespedes is staying with Mets on a 3-year $75 million deal

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The New York Mets and Yeonis Cespedes have reached an agreement late Friday night on a three-year contract according to the MLB Network and Fox Sports.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports the deal is said to be worth $75 million total. Not only that but Cespedes had higher offers elsewhere but elected to stay with the Mets for less money and fewer years.

According to some reports, the Washington Nationals were said to be willing to give the slugger five years. How much of that is true, or if that was just a rumor floated out to put Cespedes in a better position, we probably won’t ever know.

Cespedes will have an opt-out clause after one season, where we can start #Cespedeswatch2016 all over again. All and all, it’s been an entertaining story to follow, alas he really wasn’t leaving New York just holding out for better money and terms.