In an ironic twist, insiders say Blatt’s favoritism of LeBron, Big 3 actually led to his downfall

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Player accountability, mismanaging, frustration buildup and the absence of hope led to David Blatt’s ouster as head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Chris Haynes of has the inside scoop as to what went wrong for David Blatt in Cleveland. According to sources, Blatt actually showed “too much” favoritism of the big three and was scared to death of criticizing Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving or LeBron James. According to Haynes, the favoritism or fear, if that’s what it was, was to such an extent that Blatt would not be critical of the Big 3 in film sessions. Further, during practices when Blatt played referee, he would call fouls if anyone touched the Big 3.  According to the article, this is what began the downfall which caused many to question his leadership.

Wow, oh wow. If true, seems silly, as to the reason why a coach’s leadership would be questioned, but stranger things have happened.

Source: Why David Blatt was fired and why Cleveland Cavaliers believe Tyronn Lue is the right man for the job |