Greg Norman out at Fox Sports

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–Lead Golf analyst Greg Norman was surprisingly let go by Fox Sports on Friday after just one year at the network.

The news broke on Sunday evening and did not directly come from Fox Sports, but through various sources, including Links Magazine on Twitter.

On Monday Fox Sports made the announcement official via press release.

Norman was the first and only lead analyst the network has had since it began doing golf last year, including the U.S. Open. He was teamed with Joe Buck.

Why was he let go?

To your regular weekend golfer and fan he seemed to do a pretty good job and viewers tended recognize him. That demographic, the 30s or higher does not pay the bills.

On social media some golf hardcores and the younger generation didn’t think he was fit for the role both in his knowledge of current players and his ability to give commentary for what was happening on the course.

In a press release Fox Sports said:

Both parties have agreed to an amicable separation and will continue to work together to broadcast the Franklin Templeton Shootout, which remains an important part of FOX Sports’ golf platform.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to make this change to our USGA Championships coverage,” said John Entz. “We want to thank Greg for his contributions last year, and wish him success in all his current and future endeavors.”