The Milwaukee Bucks just did the Warriors a giant favor

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Yes the streak was fun to watch.

In fact, must watch tv sports. However, it was a little insane.

Going all out in November and December is something Gregg Popovich would never do. True, not everyone has to copy the coaching czar that is Pop, but you can at least be reasonable.

First things first, the Warriors were simply exhausted and injured. Klay Thompson pushed himself and played Saturday night after suffering an ankle injury earlier in the week and missing Friday night’s double overtime win in Boston. He should not have played against Milwaukee.

Flying from Boston to Milwaukee and playing about 16 hours later, the Bucks had all the energy and the Warriors were just flat. And that was the best thing that could happen.

Because realistically the Warriors want to win back-to-back titles, not win November and December. Keeping the streak alive won’t mean much come June if they are too banged up to compete.

“It’s the regular season,”  interim head coach Luke Walton said after the game.

“We need to get back to what we need to work on, (on) defense we’ve been slipping.”

Walton continued, “we’re a quarter of the way through the season, the regular season. What we’re trying to do is be an NBA Championship team.”

Remember how Houston tried to physically beat up the W’s in last year’s Western Conference finals when they couldn’t compete?

Expect the same in this year’s playoffs.

So why not get a little rest. This isn’t the NFL.  NBA rosters are 15 men deep and don’t last long when injuries pile up.

Had the hysteria around the streak not built up, I don’t think Curry would have even played significant minutes or at all Saturday night, the final night of a seven-game road trip. Thompson definitely doesn’t play.

So for those of use who enjoy watching the Warriors, thank you Milwaukee. Thank you for returning some sanity to the Warriors.

Let’s get the guys some rest now.

The real season begins in April.