When do the Warriors get fatigued?

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Klay Thompson has an ankle injury that is “70%”.

As in 70% from being healthy.

Harrison Barnes is also out with a sprained right ankle.

The Boston Celtics looked like world beaters and eastern conference contenders when they took the Warriors two extra rounds Friday night. But alas, Curry, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala saved the day late.

And the Warriors advanced to 24-0.

Acting head coach Luke Walton seemed to pull all the right punches. And dare we say he outcoached the beloved Brad Stevens. But one place where Walton may have to learn from his NBA brethren is getting his guys rest. Curry doesn’t seem to get tired. The Splash brothers seem to be on the energizer batteries while the rest of the league is on the generics.

But wrapping up the sixth and seventh games on a long seven-game road trip even the great reigning MVP had to admit he was tired Friday night.

“Now I can admit I’m tired,” Curry said. “We’ll dig deep for tomorrow.”

The Warriors play 16 hours later in Milwaukee Saturday night. Yet another young team with nothing to lose tries to put themselves on the wrong side of history and give the Warriors their best shot. All for a record set by the Bulls. A record which really doesn’t compute to today’s game-at least in terms of meaning.

So free advice for Luke Walton.

Luke be careful. It’s an 82 game season as they say, and the playoffs don’t begin until April 16th.

It’s a long season, Luke. Get your guys some rest.