Arizona might be ready to win now: Thank you Zack Greinke

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The Arizona Diamondbacks are not that far away. Adding who many consider to be a top five pitcher in all of baseball when they signed Zack Greinke to a six year $206 million contract, the Diamondbacks “shook up the west”.

Ah the NL West, the mystery division, defending champ S.F. Giants, enormous pockets in L.A. Land home of Magic, the rare air of Colorado, the uncertainty in San Diego. It’s an interesting division.

But the fact remains is that the Diamondbacks have a lot of pieces and can swing the bat.

Last season they collected more hits than anyone in major league baseball. They had the third highest batting average and on-base percentage in the N.L. and were second in runs scored in the league as well.

And what else would you expect? Did anyone expect general manager Dave Stewart with the backing of Tony LaRussa to sit idle?

Paul Goldschmidt is there, but a lot of casual baseball fans aren’t aware that Dbacks center fielder A.J. Pollock hit .315 with 20 HRs last season or that David Peralta hit .312 with 17 home runs.

Arizona means so much to baseball. Phoenix is a baseball city. Get ready for the Dbacks to compete.