New information shows Pete Rose bet on baseball as a player-a serious knock to his already tarnished credibility

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1986 Betting Log via ESPN
Copy of 1986 Betting Log alleged to record bets placed on behalf of Pete Rose, via ESPN

As new MLB commissioner Rob Manfred reviews his lifetime ban from baseball, ESPN’s Outside the Lines, has now uncovered a new record that Pete Rose bet on baseball as a player through a mob connected book maker in 1986. Up until today Major League Baseball was not aware of the record which is contained in a notebook.

As soon as two weeks ago, speaking on the Michael Kay radio show in New York, Rose denies that he ever bet on the game as a player.

In a 2004 interview with Charles Gibson on ABC’s Primetime Rose only admitted to betting on baseball as a manager not a player.

This may all but seal his fate as to have his lifetime ban lifted. ESPN reports that according to sources within Major League Baseball they would be shocked if Rose is reinstated.