Two Thoughts on Mark Jackson

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Disclaimer: I grew in Indiana around the time Mark Jackson made the Indiana Pacers relevant.

Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Donnie Walsh and a host of other personnel had a hand in the team’s overwhelming success in the late 90s’ earlier 2000’s but Jackson made the offense work. He knew when to feed the ball to Rik Smits down-low and how to set up Reggie for the three. He never got enough credit.

Jackson was what we all know and love a point guard to be. Also, from what I’ve seen and heard I believe he’s a very sincere person who wants to help others achieve their dreams, reach their potential, etc. Which leads me too two other points I would like to make about Jackson.

1) He’s the best at taking an NBA telecast to break. Whatever you call it technically in the TV business Jackson’s great at it. Going to commercial ESPN/ABC plays a highlight and Jackson speaks over it. His tempo is almost always on point with the highlight that is showing, and almost always clever and original. “Hand down man down ” is the stuff of legends.

2) He needs to get more credit for what he did for the Warriors as its head coach.  To some Steve Kerr is the genius apparently, but Jackson should get more credit for helping develop Curry, Thompson and Co..Jackson took them to the river, now Kerr has to get them across. Jackson did a lot of leg work.

Jackson should have been given more time in Golden State and if that would have happened I believe he would have had them in the Western Conference finals as does Kerr. I don’t feel bad for him because not a lot of guys get a chance without prior coaching experience but I don’t think he gets enough credit for what he did do with Golden State.

Either way Jackson’s doing a fine job on the ESPN telecast and Kerr is doing a fine job on the Warriors bench.