Tonight’s David Letterman Finale is Generation X’s M.A.S.H.

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I wanted to write a few things about tonight’s David Letterman finale. I don’t pretend to be a T.V. expert but I will say that Letterman has been my favorite for many years even while others seemed to loathe him.

It was mostly from my grandparents generation downward. My grandpa thought his show stunk and became faithful to Leno, though Carson was really his guy. A friend of my parents was said he thought Letterman was just this goofy guy and just really didn’t enjoy the show. After Letterman made the switch to CBS it became apparent that his bread and butter was going to be with a younger crowd.

Some of the musical acts with Letterman have been legendary and really were the best and brightest of Generation X whatever you define those of use born in the 80s but who came of age in the 90s.

Those acts included Dave Matthews, Weezer, Live, the Foo Fighters and quite a few others. It will be the Foo Fighters who appropriately send David Letterman out tonight with an appearance on his final show.

I’m not sure that Generation X really has a strong voice out there in T.V. Land Jimmy Fallon is one of us but appeals to a different segment. The other Jimmy is slightly older so he surely plans to benefit from Letterman’s exist in terms of viewers. Maybe there’s room somewhere for a fourth talk show host on late night network TV.

I don’t think in terms of numbers it will have as many viewers as M.A.S.H, for one there are so many more entertainment options today, for another Letterman was not as widely appreciated as some would have you believe, he was for a certain type of person. The zany the wacky stuff didn’t always bring him praise for viewers, but he did stand the test of time and developed into an elder-statesmen of late night.