Bill Simmons would be a great fit as a nightly host on Fox Sports1

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By Travis Duncan

—I don’t agree with everything that Bill Simmons has ever said or written, but I do think he has done more positive than not in his tenure with ESPN.

Friday ESPN announced Simmons will be leaving ESPN when his contract expires in September.

Simmons has done more for ESPN than ESPN has done for Simmons.

ESPN 30 for 30 (which was Simmons idea)has been amazing. The way we look at sports will never be the same, so much truth was brought to our attention and we were able to see much more of the personalities behind the games with this programs.

Grantland has opened the door for long-form sports journalism to be given a broad audience.

Simmons basketball hour was actually entertaining, and a similar concept show for Fox Sports 1 would be nice, encompassing more than just basketball though this time around.

You see Bill Simmons leaving ESPN is more than just one guy leaving, its about competition. ESPN is crushing the competition in so many ways and ultimately setting the tone for sports. ESPN has the ability to kill a story or  give it new life. Sports discussion in this country is determined in Bristol, CT. Many of use would like to see a wider spectrum of ideas and opinions be heard on a national level.

Also we tend to conclude that anyone who doesn’t walk the ESPN line is shown the door. What really happened I get the feeling Simmons will let us know at some point.

Anyhow, my idea for Simmons 11 PM ET nightly talk show which will compete against Sports Center and your late local news..

The show would feature guests, round table discussion, anything Simmons can come up with.

Four shows four nights a week.

Friday night you can show re-runs or whatever you can, MLB Whip around, but a nice show to watch that rivals Sports Center. And i’m sorry FoxSports Live is just a re-verb of other highlight shows. There’s only so many highlights we can watch.

FoxSports 1 make a move.